Syn Ledger is Next Generation EV Charging Firm

Electric vehicles are the incredible technology to stand against the deterioration of the environment caused by the chaos of fossil-fuel driven vehicles. The concern to deal with environmental pollution is increasing the utility of EVs as these vehicles promote sustainable growth and emission less driving. According to a survey it has turned out that by 2030, the number of EVs on road will increase by 21.1 % with global e-mobility expected to create an estimated market of $390 million by 2025

    Hurdles to Mass EV adoption

    It’s very clear that EVs are the building blocks of the automobile sector in the future. But the sector faces the grim of inadequate charging infrastructure, range anxiety and limitations of charging stations. Although the speed of the electric vehicle revolution in the automobile sector is accelerating, yet the EV drivers face the dire problem of range anxiety.

    Progress with SYN Ledger

    Syn Ledger, the next-generation startup has bought a revolution into the EV charging space by employing the current charging infrastructure and blockchain technology peer-to-peer trade of charging space between EV drivers in need of charging their vehicles and station owners with idle charging space. Syn Ledger has identified the massive potential of the EV market and is committed to providing a platform that makes sure it becomes easier to gain uninterrupted access to reservable chargers for different versions of electric vehicles. We are a next-generation EV charging firm that has created a charging marketplace that leverages the provenance, transparency, immutability of blockchain to optimize the use of existing EV charging infrastructure.

    SYN Charge: A Dapp to Revolutionize Energy Sector

    Syn Ledgers p2p EV charging Dapp, SYN Charge enables private owners to make their chargers available to the public during the times they are not using it. Syn Charge develops a secure, seamless, and extremely smart charging arena; precisely targeting the smart charging requirements by offering p2p standards, roaming hubs, resilient trading networks, unmatched collaborations, extensive growth, and increased efficiency. The application acts as a unified energy charging space sharing platform where drivers of EV can look for available EV chargers in the vicinity, at any location, and charge their vehicles before they run out of battery.


    With our platform, we open the EV market to the whole new range of possibilities that amplify the adoption of Electric Vehicles and overcome the hurdles of range anxiety and lack of charging infrastructure of the existing EV markets across the globe.

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