How Syn Ledger simplifies EV Charging Space?

Environmental degradation and pollution is the biggest challenge in the 21st century. Tackling this problem of manifestation of the environment is a global challenge. The automobile sector is a major contributor to environmental pollution.

The introduction of Electric Vehicles and their mainstream adoption can be a major contribution to a safe future. But the adoption of EVs is encountering significant hurdles due to issues of range anxiety, lack of infrastructure, affordability, and many other problems. The lack of charging infrastructure creates a problem in the availability of energy when needed. However, it is estimated that the number of electric vehicles on the road will increase by 21.1% by 2030. Hence, it’s an endemic topic to solve the problems of the availability of charging space for EVs.

Syn ledger’s focus is making charging stations available everywhere for EVs and promotes their mainstream adoption to gift a safe and sustainable future for our future generations. It facilitates a peer-to-peer ev charging trading system to trade charging space between charging station owners and EV drivers. Our P2P charging space trading model encourages the use of EVs by creating a decentralized marketplace of station owners and EV drivers. It provides a unified platform where EV drivers can easily locate charging stations in the vicinity and charge their vehicles when needed.

Syn Ledger has developed a blockchain-powered Dapp named Syncharge , which leverages the power of smart contracts and Blockchain to record p2p EV charging transactions for instantaneous trade. This way we solve the EV’s progress hindering issue of range anxiety and lack of charging infrastructure with minimum to no investment in infrastructure by making best use of existing infrastructure.

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